The precautions in the use of surfacing welding composite wear plate

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The precautions in the use of the composite abrasion resistant plate:

1, the welding, hot melt coherent, must go to a temperature of 210 ℃, should pay attention to guard against moderately burnt.

2. Floor: the necessary insurance steps must be considered when working in the ditches.

3. Test of composite abrasion resistance plate: recommended water as the stress test medium. During testing, steps should be taken to guard against plate movement or damage.

4. Air pressure: the composite wear-resistant plate can not be used in high-pressure gas conveying category.

5. Use category: some places do not apply steel band enhanced surfacing plate, please consult the supplier for chemical resistance.

6. Static electricity: the composite wear-resistant plate is mixed with high electrostatic, and the corresponding anti-static steps should be adopted in flammable and explosive gas places.

7. Crack down on subservience: compost composite wear-resistant plate is good, use the hammer to hit the board, and pay attention to the unlikely rebound force of the board.

8, overlaying composite wear-resistant plate storage: if the board must gather backlog, so should guard against excessive accumulation, and should be straight row of piles, if the board of pile is not appropriate, surfacing composite wear-resistant plate or deformation will happen.

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